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Internet Marketing Training – Where It's All About YOU

Guru Training Academy - Internet Marketing Training – Where It's All About YOU

Guru Training Academy

The Guru Training Academy Welcomes You

To Internet Marketing Training

You Don't Have To Go It Alone!

We are the mentors you’ve always wanted but never thought you could afford. 

At the Guru Training Academy, we focus on the newcomers to Internet Marketing. We know you don’t have thousands of dollars a month to spend for a mentor, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality, expertise, and experience to receive the mentoring you need for your business.

Trying to set up your online business alone can make you get access to a this whole site for only $5 a month.

  • Fall into information overload
  • Lose your way
  • Give up entirely

When people decide they want to work online and make a living out of it, most don’t know where to begin. There’s so much information out there that it’s overwhelming even to know where to start. Even if you find a starting point, how can you know if you’re choosing tools and techniques that are right for your business? You can end up lost in information limbo and give up out of frustration.

With Guru Training Academy, you’ll

  • Stay on track
  • Stay focused
  • Move forward to reach your goals

Joining the Guru Training Academy gives youWe know how to give you the foundation you need to know how to start and to learn your way through the tangled jungle of online business. We walk you through, step by step, giving you continuous support as long as you need it. You won’t need to search for answers to your questions; we’ll provide you with answers that are relevant to keep you focused and moving forward.

  • One-to-One Access to Mentors
  • WordPress Training
  • Amazon Training
  • Facebook  Training
  • Social Marketing
  • Mind Maps
  • Cheap Clicks with Google
  • Access to Entire Academy
  • Discounts on Web Hosting
  • Forum and Skype Assistance
  • New Training as It’s Developed

Internet Marketing Training from professionals.

Other services outside of the Academy:Advertise your product or service on the Guru Training Academy site and keep 100% of your profits.

  • Skype Assistance Only
  • Website Creation (Amazon Reviews)
  • Content Creation (Amazon Reviews)
  • Banner Creation (Amazon Product Related)

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$5 a month — Full Site Access (Forum Support)

Cancel at any time

There are no refunds

You have full access to the Academy until your subscription expires.


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